Irish Draught

The Irish Draught Horse is a unique, powerful and athletic horse with substance and quality. Ireland’s draught horse dates back to Norman times when imported horses were crossed with smaller native horses. Later crosses included Andalusian to produce an all-rounder for riding, pulling a trap or working. Nearly every farm in Ireland had a horse and that horse was the Irish Draught. The Irish Draught Horse is now a heavyweight hunter, and is cross bred with the thoroughbred and warmblood to produce quality hunters and performance horses.

This smooth and free Irish Draught Horse is not heavy or ponderous. Irish Draught Horses are straight and true in action and walk and trot with good flexion in the hocks and freedom of the shoulders.

Height: 15hh – 17hh

Characteristics: Sensible, Willing, Docile.

Origin: Ireland

Colours: Bay Brown, Chestnut, Grey

Neat head on strong, short neck, powerful body, strong legs, large, round feet. Uses: Hunting, Cross-Breeding.

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