The Cob is an ultimate all-rounder, an easy keeper, with a nice temperament and suitable for all levels of rider. At Belle Isle Farm, we pride ourselves in the range of cobs. We can supply from the hunter field to the show ring. Cobs are larger than ponies, but are relatively small and compact, usually with somewhat short legs.

Show Cobs are a type and not a breed (exception being the Welsh Section D). The Show Cob has a bright attitude, an abundance of prescence, and gaity in his movement. They have some form of native Irish Draught horse blood in them, making them quite durable. Cobs are between 14.2hh-15.1hh with large quarters, a comfortable gait and a neat, well-carried head.

Height: 14.2hh-15.1hh

Characteristics: Sensible, Easy Keeper, Intelligent.

Origin: Ireland

Uses: Jumping, Showing, Hacking, Cross Country, Dressage.

Colours: Bay, Brown, Chestnut, Grey & Black

Conformation: Open feet with good sized frogs, compact quarters and body, 8.5″-9″+ of bone measured just below the knee, short cannons, good strong joints, short legs, soft through the back and sloping shoulder.


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