Hunter Horse

The Hunter Horse is very adaptable to all spheres of competition and leisure activity. Combining the sense, honesty and charisma of the Irish Draught, with the athleticism, speed and stamina of the Thoroughbred, there are a staggering number of top quality Hunter Horses competing at all levels worldwide. For a horse to make it into the Irish Main Stud Book, his sire must be an Approved stallion and his dam must be by an Approved stallion.

Height: 15hh-17hh Characteristics: Honest, Sensible, Charismatic, Athletic.

Colours: Bay, Chestnut, Grey, Brown and Black.

Origin: Ireland

Uses: Jumping, Showing, Foxhunting, Eventing and Cross Country.

Conformation: Graceful carriage of head and neck with a big, kind eye, strong limbs, incredibly strong hooves and hocks that are sound and generous, set into a good short shin.


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