Coloured Cob

Coloured Cob are individual and different from any other types of breed. The earliest records of coloured cob are from 20,000-year-old cave drawings. They are often referred to as parti-coloured or broken-coloured.

In the past, there was a belief the coloured horse was a lucky omen. During the 1950s, gypsies often crossed Dales ponies with Clydesdale stallions. The Gypsies aim was to produce a horse with both strength and hardiness.

Height: 14hh – 15hh

Characteristics: Sensible, Kind, Willing and Sturdy.

Origin: Ireland

Colours: Piebald (Black and White), Skewbald (White and any other colour). Two patterns evolve from either Skewbald or Piebald which are Tobiano (White with large spots of colour, often overlapping) or Overo (Coloured with white markings).

Uses: Hacking, Riding, Dressage, Driving, Eventing, Foxhunting.

Conformation: Long forelock, mane & tail and a thick coat. Short, strong neck, strong hindquarters and broad back.


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